Banking & Financial Service

Multiple delivery channels to suit the requirements and tastes of customers, Market specialization, High-profile mergers and acquisitions, Growing roster of compliance requirements, Rising operational costs – for banks worldwide, today’s business climate is increasingly high stakes and complex. Better customer service without compromising profitability is critical. Financial institutions today are realizing the need for technology that can empower them with execution mastery, both in strategic and day-to-day operations.

Our products and services are globally acclaimed for meeting these needs.

Core Banking Solution : e-Celtic core banking solution is a comprehensive, integrated yet modular business solution that effectively addresses the strategic and day-to-day challenges faced by the banks worldwide and facilitates a wide range of banking operations. It is a highly flexible solution for retail and corporate banking and can be easily integrated with third party products.

e-Celtic Core Banking, being a highly scalable solution, provides the flexibility of developing new products using an Application Common Module that contains common processing and other general utilities. Each application module in the core banking solution has a set of application-specific parameters that can be easily modified for the development of new products. The functionality-rich modules in the solution provide banks with a varied palette of features to continuously innovate on their product and service offerings. With e-Celtic core banking solution, banks can meet the challenges of managing change, competition, compliance and customer demands effectively. It’s Core Banking provides a comprehensive approach to security at all levels within the system that is controlled centrally across the bank. The core banking solution also interfaces with additional devices like finger print readers, thus providing a higher degree of security.

e-Celtic Core Banking Modules Include:

  • Customer Information File
  • Online General Ledger
  • Deposits and Loans, including Loan Syndication
  • 24 x 7 availability
  • Comprehensive Management Information System
  • Trade Finance
  • Budget and Expense Management
  • Fixed Asset and Inventory Management
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • Collection and Clearing
  • Remittance – Domestic and International (including SWIFT)

Retail :
Innovation, Convenience, Agility and fee management are the four critical success factors of any retail banking strategy. By knowing the market well and by combining these factors appropriately, anyone can attract and retain a profitable mix of customers. e-Celtic provides the ability to control these key factors and execute the strategy for success.

e-Celtic offers flexible and customized solutions in various business areas of retail banking with key focus on:

  • Credit
  • Investments
  • Customer Relationships
  • Teller
  • Back Office
  • Call Center
  • Legal Compliance
  • Savings Accounts
  • Checking Accounts
  • Cards
  • Deposits

Wealth Management: e-Celtic wealth management solution is a modular, fully scalable, integrated core banking and investment management system designed for the specific needs of retail and private banks. The wealth management solution offers a unique combination of an extensive portfolio of functions with impressive flexibility that enables end-to-end processing of investment products from diverse asset classes including structured deposits, structured notes, bonds and mutual funds.

Financial institutions can leverage the solution’s rule-based definitions to launch new products-such as dual currency deposits, principal protected deposits, range accrual deposits and mutual funds – with a distinct time-to-market advantage. e-Celtic wealth management solution ensures unique customer definition, a single, unified view of the customer’s portfolio across asset classes and seamless flow of transactions. This helps banks capitalize on their customer base to create additional revenue streams, by offering HNWI and the mass affluent extended products and services.

Key Modules:

Structured Products

The structured products module provides an extensive and parameterized product setup to define both indigenous and third party offerings.

  • Product definition
  • Transaction processing
  • Fixing
  • Payouts
  • Fees

Mutual Funds

The mutual funds module provides an extensive and parameterized product setup to define different types of mutual funds.

  • Fund definition
  • Transaction rules
  • Transaction processing
  • Batches
  • Systematic plans
  • Fee and commissions
  • Corporate actions .

Internet Banking:
The Internet banking is changing the banking industry and is having the major effects on banking relationships. Internet banking involves use of Internet for delivery of banking products & services.

Services :
e-Celtic consumer e-banking solution is Internet banking and mobile banking solution for retail banking customers. Built on new-generation technology, it provides a single unified view of the customer’s many relationships with the bank. The solution provides high flexibility for customization and robust security features.

Key Modules:

  • Core Module
  • Payments Module
  • Credit Card and Mutual Fund Modules
  • Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP) Module
  • Alerts Module
  • Security Features
  • Mobile Banking