e-Business & e-Commerce Solution

e-Celtic provides solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. Our approach focuses on new ways of business combining IT innovation and adoption while also leveraging an organizations’ current IT assets. We work with large global corporations and new generation technology companies – to build new products or services and to implement prudent business and technology strategies in today’s dynamic digital environment.

e-Business Solution: Connecting IT Investments with Business Returns:
To better sense and respond to the needs of your customers, or threats from your competitors, you will need help from partners who understand your business processes, your industry, and the unique opportunities and challenges your business faces. The on demand environment requires simultaneous speed and power-on a limited budget.

Our e-Business and e-Commerce Benefits:
1.Very cost effective method of adding an additional retail location without the high expenditures associated with a physical store.
2. Can easily test Special Offers and introduce new items.
3. Makes your merchandise available to the global marketplace.
4. Pages accessed can be tracked and analyzed to make future changes.
5. Can be self managed with the addition of an Administrator Back Office.
6. Support open 24/7/365

Service Offerings: e-Celtic provides web users with an easy, enticing and efficient shopping experience. e-Celtic provides web ecommerce services which include ecommerce shopping cart, impressive ecommerce web designs and efficient payment gateway integration.

e-Celtic’s e-business and e-commerce solutions offer complete control to you over product inventory, images, discounts, specials, and prices through a common web browser. Our back-end solution lets the merchant update store contents and prices without having to learn complex database manipulation.

Our offerings are :
1 Database-Driven Product Catalogs
2 Payment Gateways & Credit Cards
3 Content Management Systems
4 Online Quotation Systems
5 Customer Relationship Management Solutions
6 Custom Ecommerce Web Site Solution

At e-Celtic, we deliver affordable and dynamic web site development & ecommerce solutions, customized to our client’s specific needs. Our web site development and design approach integrates the perfect balance of both ‘front-end”’ and ‘back-end”’ functionality, firm project management, proper information architecture, ecommerce solutions, and sensitivity to the user experience. The result of this creativity and know-how is creating successful internal, business-to-business, and retail web sites focused on the bottom line.

Using shopping cart technology, we provide a personalized web shopping experience without sacrificing accessibility to products. A professional quality and industry standard web site will help your company sell your products or services online.

Our experience includes up-to-date techniques in HTML 4.0, XHTML with W3C standard, Java Script and other client side technologies. We develop web site using ASP.NET, ASP, ColdFusion or PHP server side technologies.

Our Tools and Languages include :

  • C# .NET, VB .NET , PHP 4.X & PHP 5.X
  • SQL Server, MYSQL, PGSQL, Sybase, Oracle
  • Visual InterDev, Flash, Visual Studio, Zend Studio