Insurance Leads

Enterprises that are operating in insurance industry experiencing pressure as the margins have began to reduce and demographics have started to shift as well. These factors, coupled with consolidation of industry, regulatory pressures have also intensified the pressure on insurance firms. Furthermore, tech-savvy customers demand high-tech solutions and self-service through the internet, which increases need for an integrated customer experience across diverse sales and service channels. The demand for development of innovative products, business agility and streamlined processes is greater than ever before and these are precisely the strategies that e-Celtic can help you implement.

Online Business Insurance Leads Offerings


Car Insurance Leads

e-Celtic offers high-quality, real time car insurance leads with high-converting rate at discounted prices. We don't sell our car insurance leads more than four times and we never sell the same set of car insurance leads to multiple agents working with same company. Packages of car insurance leads with specific pricing available at e-Celtic.

5 Reasons to make e-Celtic your Car Insurance Leads provider:

  • We have no minimum limits and no contracts for our Car Insurance Leads

  • You can see our car insurance database 24x7 before you buy

  • You can browse our database 24x7 and choose top notch car insurance Leads

  • You can download car insurance leads as soon as you make a purchase

  • Our car insurance leads are consistent with volume and quality

Health Insurance Leads

e-Celtic generates high quality health insurance leads by utilizing multiple external and internal channels like affiliate programs and vendor. We strive to help our partners grow their business and increase revenues and conversions by matching prospective buyers successfully with right insurance products that meet their needs and are well within their budgets.


Different types of health insurance leads on offer at e-Celtic

Exclusive Health Insurance Leads:  These health insurance leads are perfect for those who look to close deals rather than spending time in dialing. These health insurance leads are not used in last 30 days.

Unsold Health Insurance Leads: These are exclusive health insurance leads that you can afford easily. Typically, these health insurance leads are generated within past 24 hours and yet to be used.

Shared Health Insurance Leads: These health insurance leads are perfect for those who can make real-time contact with consumers.


Why should you buy Health Insurance Leads available at e-Celtic

  • Our health insurance leads are generated exclusively

  • you can rest assured of the quality of health insurance leads offered by us

  • All our health insurance leads are validated by us before selling

  • Our health insurance leads can be used by agents, call centers, CRM and e-mail

Our range of services: From business insurance leads to analytics, e-Celtic offers a broad suite of solutions for the insurance industry. Our expertise and experience in generating business insurance leads is bound to make a difference and result in focused, cost-effective solutions to add real value.

Business Insurance leads:

We offer quality business insurance leads to assist various insurance professionals such as carriers; brokers and agents increase the number of policies they sell out. You can rest assured of the quality as well as quantity of the online business insurance leads provided by us.

Our online business insurance leads offer some unmatched benefits such as;

  • High rate of Closing business insurance leads online

  • Industry’s best return Policy

  • No instance of reselling old business insurance leads

  • 24/7 accessibility to accounts

  • Prompt delivery of only fresh business insurance leads

  • Availability of dedicated representatives to look after accounts

  • Bespoke customer service

Product Configuration: Saturated markets lead to the growing need to differentiate with innovative products. e-Celtic recognizes that supporting rapidly changing product configurations and rating rules is thus essential. We have extensive experience building solutions on third-party tools as well as interfacing with external ratings services such as ISO.

Distribution Management: In today’s markets, producers need to have direct access to application and quoting services for new customers; as well as policy information for existing policyholders. e-Celtic knows that producers typically expect current marketing content in the form of brochures, applications, and related materials. Our extensive experience in Web enablement and integration, augmented by our content management group, allows us to craft the right solution for you.

Underwriting: Rating complex commercial lines such as Management and Professional Liability requires complex workups and access to solid financial information. e-Celtic has developed detailed custom applications to ensure structured access to underwriting information. In addition, we have implemented extensive customization to third-party applications for more traditional lines.

Maintenance Service: In spite of the focus towards the best available packages for core policy administration features, most large insurers today continue to support undocumented, unwieldy legacy applications. e-Celtic has successfully tackled some of the toughest cases in replacing and extending these legacy systems.

Analytics: The demands for producer and policyholder profitability analysis, rating analytics, and fraud detection are always on the rise. e-Celtic knows that the quality of data warehouse and analytics solutions is thus critical. We leverage our skills and experience to help you obtain the most actionable information from data.