Globalization and intense competition have changed the modern retail landscape. e-Celtic understands the challenges that retailers face: dealing with high consumer expectations, viagra supplier partnerships, cialis and the need for better operational efficiency. Our complete range of IT and retail business solutions helps global retailers to address these issues.

e-Celtic Retail Management Solution offers a complete store automation solution for large and mid-sized retailers across the world. Our product is able to streamline point-of-sale (POS), customer service and store inventory management, and providing real time access to key business metrics. It is a comprehensive solution for single store and multiple stores retailers alike and empowers independent and emerging proprietors on one end and managers and heads of established retailers on the other. Our solution is based on merchandising & logistics process patterns and on our experience of working with numerous top retailers around the globe.

Advantages: With e-Celtic business intelligence solutions for retail you can react to changing market conditions, identify customer segments and overall profitability, improve purchasing, forecasting and distribution management, and optimize overall store performance.

e-Celtic business intelligence solutions for retail allow your organization to:

  • Increase customer insight with real-time analytics and reporting to connect information, processes, systems, and people.
  • Monitor and measure store performance with better visibility of key performance indicators based on historical information, current conditions, and informed future goals.
  • Optimize operations by analyzing what is happening on any level, using advanced visualizations and graphics to perform what-if analysis on vendor performance, inventory, and store operations.

e-Celtic’s retail solutions, including Multi Channel Commerce, Analytics, Master Data Management, POS solutions, and CRM , help improve the consumer experience thereby increasing market share and profit. Our service offerings are spread across the retail value chain, focusing on the areas of marketing, merchandising, supplier collaboration, warehouse management, store management, financials, and HR.

Marketing and Merchandising :

Effective business intelligence can help you improve in many critical areas. e-Celtic’s Marketing and Merchandising solutions can assist you in modeling seasonal data and pricing strategies, as well as analyzing historical sales data to confirm buying patterns, pricing and costs. You will be able to analyze purchasing trends and patterns to more successfully target promotions and new product introductions.

If merchandise planning is a concern, you are at the right place. Our marketing and merchandising planning can help you more efficiently manage inventory levels, formulate accurate allocation models, and evaluate vendor performance.

e-Celtic has helped retailers with sales analytics, promotion management, loyalty management, forecasting, and merchandising solutions. We have successfully developed and maintained applications and customized products to suit client needs in this space.

Store Management :
Today’s customer wants more SKUs, personalized service, and connected convenience. Recognized worldwide, e-Celtic Retail Management System Store Operations is a software solution that handles POS and management challenges. It expedites checkout and back-office tasks while showing you new ways to market, promote and sell. You can manage, price, and control inventories across multiple locations and make informed decisions using real-time data. It helps you maintain a unified view of each customer — regardless of sales channel. This connected solution helps information flow to customers, business partners, and employees, while streamlined operations enable your business to be nimble, responsive, and productive.

Features include:
– Advanced Security Options
– Customer Management and Marketing
– Customizable Active Reports
– Employee Management
– Interface with Other Accounting Software
– Internet Applications
– Inventory Control and Tracking
– Inventory Types
– Point-Of-Sale Capabilities
– Pricing, Sales and Promotions
– Supported Hardware
– Wizards

Warehouse/ Distribution :
e-Celtic’s distribution offerings help optimize the supply chain, providing complete visibility into warehouse and supplier inventories. Our solutions also help retailers reduce shrinkage. Additionally, E-Celtic has developed various applications related to inventory management and shipping.

The e-Celtic warehouse Inventory Management system is intuitive, with the capability to handle many automated procedures. This helps ensure the most efficient stock levels in your warehouse. Instead of paying for inventory, you can use the outlay for more critical costs. Superb inventory location and replenishment routines also help ensure that you have what you need, when you need it, to meet market expectations.

  • Control the storage and physical movement of inventory
  • Enable the optimum use of space and flow of goods
  • Streamline order picking
  • Increase accuracy in product handling and identification

Supplier Collaboration :

As retailers achieve higher levels of visibility into their supply chains, opportunities to enhance supplier collaboration increase. With real-time information on a product’s location in the supply chain, retailers are able to directly interact with key players in the manufacturing, sourcing, and shipping of products and, in so doing, gain a significant competitive advantage.

Supplier collaboration can enable retailers to improve key supply chain measurements such as product availability, cycle times, and cost. It also allows retailers to more efficiently address many of the biggest challenges they face in supplier relationships, such as supplier/retailer disputes; invoice mismatches; data inaccuracy; and the high costs and inaccuracies resulting from manual data entry and phone or fax communications. And while supplier collaboration can take many forms—depending on business needs and relationships among trading partners—the bottom line is that, at its most effective, it can increase the overall value of the supply chain by improving the operating practices of retailers and suppliers and helping you find, use and share information.

Supplier collaboration tools and business processes facilitated by e-Celtic enables a range of mutually beneficial relationships between retailers and suppliers. Benefit levels will vary depending on the cleanliness and synchronization of data among all trading partners; retailers’ and suppliers’ willingness to share information; and the availability of people, processes, and solutions within the enterprise that can take action based on shared information.

Benefits can include:

  • Higher collaboration levels generally include more extensive, interactive, and process-led activities. These types of collaborative activities can help retailers differentiate themselves from competitors while simultaneously boosting supply chain efficiencies and reducing operational costs, and can include:
  • Demand planning and replenishment planning
  • Shared building of category plans
  • Coordinating the clustering of similar stores to establish common goals for executing micro-merchandising strategies
  • Joint promotion planning based on real-time point of sale (POS) data as well as real-time in-store product availability data
  • Facilitating shared product development to better meet customer needs and shorten cycle times.